Environmentally Friendly Paint Remover

What makes all the paint and powder-coat strippers from GREENSOLV green?

  • No stripper is ever disposed of. It is always recuperated and reused.
  • Low toxicity for users
  • Low toxicity for the environment
  • Recycled materials are being used along with recycled drums and totes.
  • Produces minimal waste water and minimal fumes using the GREENSOLV proprietary rinse tank and exhaust system.

For stripping paint or powder coat from aluminum or aluminum-based alloys, check out our AlumiStrip 273WL.

To strip paint or powder coat from steel or other ferrous alloys, you'll need our STEELSTRIP 255


Are you interested in switching to a more environmentally safe paint remover?  Then you need to meet the GREENSOLV Experts.

Our experts will analyze your production setup and make recommendations to solve your powder coat or paint stripping problems and increase your productivity.