Stripping Tank

  • Heated, insulated and agitated*.

*for tanks > 200 gallons.

Strip Tank features

  • Double wall with 2’’ insulation on 4 sides and lid
  • Indirect heating system (220 Volts, single phase – three phase available)
  • Temperature control: 70 to 180ºF
  • Outer wall (skin) : Stainless steel
  • Inner wall : Steel or Stainless Steel inner
  • Very reliable & low maintenance
  • Low energy consumption
Greensolv Strip Tank

General Powder Coat/Paint Stripping Tank Options

130 Gallons 24" x 45" x 30" high Part Baskets (1 or 2) No
195 Gallons 24" x 66" x 30" high Part Baskets (1 to 3) No
260 Gallons 50" x 48" x 34" high Part Baskets (1 to 4) Yes
400 Gallons 50" x 72" x 34" high Part Baskets (1 to 4) Yes
530 Gallons 50" x 96" x 34" high Part Baskets (1 to 4) Yes
CUSTOM SIZE – tell us what your requirements are and we’ll build you a strip tank

Custom Sizes

Do you have special requirements? If our standard Stripping Tank sizes do not meet your needs, Contact Us and we'll be happy to discuss your custom requirements.

We also offer:

  • Rinse Station
  • Carts
  • Rinse Table
  • Hoisting system
  • Racks & baskets


The low setup costs and high efficiency of the Greensolv Stripping Tank means that it soon pays for itself. Our clients tell us that with the increase in throughput they achieve, their tank has paid for itself within 3 to 6 months.



Are you interested in finding out more about the Greensolv Stripping Tank ?  Do you have custom requirements? Then you need to meet the GREENSOLV Experts.

Our experts will analyze your production setup and make recommendations to solve your powder coat or paint stripping problems and increase your productivity.