Greensolv efficiency program for paint stripping tanks

Greensolv Efficiency Program


  • Your Greensolv stripper keeps 90% of its original efficiency forever! – guaranteed
  • No stripping solution is ever wasted, we help you recuperate and recycle it.
  • You get a full technical service with Greensolv:
    • Strip tank optimization
    • Waste water & fumes reduction
  • A Greensolv courtesy service
  • Are you frustrated with a strip tank that loses its efficiency after only a few months?
  • Are your stripping times getting longer and longer?
  • Do you hate wasting stripping solution when it's time to change it?  Then there's the headache of disposing of toxic chemicals.

With the Greensolv Efficiency Program, all these problems are a thing of the past.

How does it work?

  • 3 to 4 times per year, we analyze a sample of your stripping solution : WheelStrip 273WL, AlumiStrip 273WL & STEELSTRIP 255.
  • Samples are either collected by a Greensolv representative during a visit to your facility or you send us your sample by FedEx or UPS when you feel you need guidance.
  • Lab analysis are performed on the paint stripping sample and compiled in an easy-to-understand Lab Report.
  • When you receive your report by e-mail, actions to be taken (such as introducing additives) are clearly outlined




How much does it costs and who benefits?

  • The Greensolv Efficiency Program is free of charge!
  • We provide the Greensolv Efficiency Program to all customers who purchase 1 drum of 55 gallons or more per year


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