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July 30, — News

3 benefits of Stripping Hooks with an Extremely Efficient and Biodegradable Paint Stripper

At Greensolv, we are always on the lookout for innovative, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective solutions for industrial stripping processes. One area where we have made significant strides is in the stripping of metal hooks used in industrial powder coating lines. These hooks play a crucial role in holding parts for painting, but over time, they become coated with paint, rendering them unusable. That's where our highly efficient and biodegradable paint stripper, SteelStrip, comes in.

The Traditional Stripping Method

The traditional method of stripping hooks is to subject them to high heat in a burn-off oven. While this method can effectively remove the paint, it has several drawbacks. First, it leaves behind ash-like residues that can contaminate the paint line. Second, the high heat weakens the structural integrity and hardness of the hooks, reducing their lifespan. Lastly, this process requires a significant amount of energy and emits a large amount of CO2, which is not aligned with our commitment to sustainability.

A Revolutionary Solution: Chemical Stripping

To overcome the limitations of traditional stripping methods, Greensolv has developed an innovative and high-performance chemical stripping process. Our industrial paint stripper, SteelStrip, is designed to remove paint efficiently and safely from hooks while preserving their structural integrity and electrical conductivity.

Let's take a closer look at the advantages of SteelStrip:

  • Optimal Paint Adhesion

SteelStrip ensures optimal conductivity on the hooks, which is not the case after the steel has been annealed by the heat. By completely stripping the paint, SteelStrip allows for a fresh start in the painting process, resulting in better and longer-lasting finishes. This means you can achieve superior paint quality while reducing the need for additional layers of paint, helping you save on costs and resources.

  • Low Cost and Biodegradable

One of the standout features of SteelStrip is its affordability. At just $0.10 to $0.20 per square foot stripped, it provides a cost-effective solution for manufacturing companies. Additionally, SteelStrip is biodegradable and free from Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) as recognized by the US EPA. With SteelStrip, you can achieve high performance while minimizing your environmental impact.

  • Versatility and Reusability

SteelStrip is compatible with a wide range of metals, including ferrous metals, copper, and their alloys, making it suitable for various industries and applications. Furthermore, SteelStrip can be cleaned and reused, further reducing waste, and optimizing efficiency in your stripping process.


The Stripping Process Made Easy

Using SteelStrip for stripping hooks is a quick and easy process. Here are the steps involved:

Complete immersion of the hooks in a pure SteelStrip solution at a temperature between 60 and 85 degrees Celsius (140- and 185 degrees Fahrenheit).

Agitate the solution during the stripping process to accelerate the paint removal.

Allow the hooks to be fully stripped by adjusting the immersion time.

Wash and rinse the stripped hooks to remove any residues.

Voila! Your hooks are now ready for reuse.

Choose Greensolv for Sustainable Stripping Solutions

At Greensolv, our mission is to provide innovative, environmentally friendly, cost-effective stripping solutions. By combining our revolutionary SteelStrip paint stripper with the stripping of metal hooks, we offer you a comprehensive and sustainable solution for your industrial painting process. Say goodbye to costly burn-off ovens and hello to a more efficient way of stripping hooks.

Contact us today to learn more about SteelStrip and how it can revolutionize your stripping process. Our team of experts is here to answer your questions and help you determine if SteelStrip is the best industrial stripping solution for you. Together, let's achieve more with less.

Click here to download the SteelStrip product sheet. Click here for the complete list of products.