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June 10, — News

6 tips to strip paint off aluminum parts

Stripping coating from an aluminum substrate can be a challenge, but with the proper setup, it becomes very easy and inexpensive. Aluminum is sensitive to heat and has a melting point of 1,220⁰F (660⁰C). The thermal stripping methods such as burn-off ovens (around 1,100⁰F) or fluidized sand heating bed (around 850⁰F) that are good for steel parts are not recommended for aluminum parts.

Some will decide to hand sand the paint to make it rough and more adherent to a second application of coating. This method is labor intensive plus the parts that are sanded down will have a greater probability to be rejected by quality control the second time they are coated.
The stripping method that is most suitable for aluminum parts is chemical stripping.

Here are 6 tips to easily strip coatings off aluminum parts:

1. Select a green chemical stripper that need to be heated to 185⁰F/ 85⁰C. They are very efficient and will strip powder coating and catalyzed liquid paints in 30 to 120 minutes with no labor. Their using cost is normally between $0.75 to $1.50/ ft2 of paint stripped.

2. Use a good heated, insulated and agitated strip tank for optimal efficiency.

3. Keep your stripping chemicals clean and well balanced.

4. Reuse your rinse water whenever possible.

5. Make sure to have a good ventilation system.

6. Use an oil seal (oil blanket whenever possible)

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