Savings calculator

1. Industry

2. Stripping volume (daily)

3. Yearly savings*

  • Other chemicals

    $14 167

  • Sandblasting

    $83 750

  • Singeing / Torching

    $8 467

* based on 250 working days per year. Numbers include labor at $20/hour, capital investment, chemicals, gas, sand and/ or electricity consumption.

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December 4, — Advices

Be a partner of choice

Be a partner of choice

At Greensolv, our customers and partners are our priority.

We visit our customers on a regular basis, to make sure our products and systems meet their expectations.

As part of the Greensolv Efficiency Program, we also collect samples at our customers’ that will be analyzed in our laboratory by our team of experts, to optimize their stripping solution and maintain peak efficiency at all time. This initiative helps you save time and money, have a consistent and predictable stripping performance and also significantly reduces your environmental footprint to help you in Achieving More With Less!

In addition, our team is easy to reach and quickly answers your questions. Greensolv supports its customers and partners throughout the partnership and treats them with respect.

You are our priority!

Thank you for your trust.