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August 25, — News

Greensolv, 20 years in business!

This year marks a very important milestone for Greensolv, as our company celebrates its 20th anniversary. A long way since its creation in Montreal in 2002 by Daniel Pageau!

Over the years, despite some changes to our offerings, our passion for the world of chemistry has remained the same and we keep focusing our efforts on developing safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly products.

A new direction

Initially, Greensolv specialized in surface preparation products for metal and wood. In 2014, Greensolv undertook a major paradigm shift, when our managers decided to abandon the retail market to focus on immersion paint stripping products for industrial use. They wanted to enter a niche market where they could more effectively support their customers. 

The years of research and development at Greensolv resulted in an innovative immersion paint stripping system that stands out for its affordability, performance, and ability to enable the alloy wheel refinishing and powder coating industry to optimize their production.

In 2014, we began to expand and develop our customer base in Canada and the international market, starting with the United States, Europe and Australia.

A change in management

In 2007, Martin Pageau, the son of the founder, who has worked for Greensolv since its inception, officially took over the reins of the company. The following year, Carlomagno Ouellet, was hired as a chemist joining Greensolv to support Martin and Claire Hardy, Martin's mother, who had also been part of the team from the start. 

Together, they form an outstanding team to pursue development and adapt to the specific characteristics of each of the new markets.

Greensolv's somewhat unconventional philosophy goes against the grain of the traditional market: to consume as little as possible by designing sustainable and profitable solutions. It's our way of protecting the environment for future generations while earning the trust of our customers and building long-term relationships.

For our anniversary, we have only one wish: to continue innovating for at least another 20 years and to remain the leader in our field!