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December 11, — News

Holiday Cards – Made in Africa by Paper Craft

This year, our Greensolv Christmas cards will carry a beautiful and unique story.

Those cards were hand-made by Paper Craft Africa in the Bwebajja village in Uganda (East Africa).

Harriet, the manager, and only university educated employee has been leading with compassion this cooperative of workers from a disadvantaged community that want to be self sufficient and help their kids go to school.

They make paper for the cards and other products from recycled fibers, elephant grass leaves, banana’s trunk fibers and pineapple leaves. They help not only their community but also the environment.

My sister Annie Pageau founded Paper Craft Africa in 2000, shortly after leaving Canada to establish herself in Kampala, Uganda to do volunteer work. With the knowledge from her chemical engineering degree and a master in Pulp & paper, she started hiring single mothers and members of the community and taught them how to make paper from recycled fibers.

Now, 21 years later, Harriet Ritah is the main point of contact between the market and the cooperative which continues to provide jobs and helps her community attain sufficiency with new products and great values.

At Greensolv, we thought it would be a good idea to help Harriet and Paper Craft Africa achieve their objective by ordering personalized Holiday cards.