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July 24, — Case study

How a Good Stripper Can Change your LIFE! - by Etchus Admin


Many of us have encountered a situation over the years when we need to find a good stripper. Finding a good stripper can be quite the challenge. Strippers come in all different varieties. Some of them work fast, some work slow and most do better when you turn up the heat. While some strippers smell good some can be a little foul and sometimes even caustic. It is highly advisable to use protection when working with a stripper! As a matter of fact; we highly recommend covering up anything you don’t want to lose. You may be quickly realizing that not all strippers are created equal. When used improperly the wrong stripper can really damage your parts. It’s all fun and games until your part(s) get damaged. You may have gathered at this point that stripping is best left to the professionals.  



Since a large part of our business involves applying Cerakote and Powder Coated finishes, we decided to make an investment in a good quality stripper. As stated above; not all strippers are created equal. The most popular strippers on the market are known to damage parts, cause cancer and burn human flesh on contact. Since we didn’t want cancer, didn’t want to lose our skin and certainly didn’t want to risk damaging our client’s parts we opted for a much safer stripper. A stripper that your kids can be around without getting hurt, a stripper that can remove some of the toughest coatings in existance, a stripper that is used by one of the top wheel companies in the country; HRE Wheels. We chose a stripper called GreenSolv. You thought the name was going to be a heck of a lot more exotic, didn’t you? Like we said; not all strippers are created equal and Greensolv is certainly in a league of its own. GreenSolv is an alkaline based stripper that works best when heated up to 180 degrees. The beauty with alkaline is that it is not ACID! ACID is bad stuff. Remember chemistry class back in the day? The day you messed with acid you had to be super secure and well protected. ACID can not only eat paint and different finishes, it can also eat metal, plastics and all kinds of different materials. If you have ever had the pleasure of using aircraft stripper to remove the finish on your parts or tried to peel Plastidip off your parts, you know it’s a tremendous pain in the butt. It takes forever and is incredibly frustrating. Greensolv is able to remove these coatings. It works exceptionally well on some of the toughest finishes in existence. If you have a German car or Italian car you may be aware that some of those factory finishes are super durable. Greensolv gets the job done without damaging the underlying metal. Even material as sensitive as a magnesium can be stripped with Greensolv without causing any damage to the magnesium part.  



Having a good stripper around the shop helps things go smooth and keeps our team happy. Whenever they are having a rough day or working with a tough coating its always reassuring to know we have one of the best strippers in the country available to us. The beauty with out stripper is that we are willing to share it with our clients. While many of our clients want us to strip and refinish their parts (using Powder Coat or Cerakote), some like to do the refinishing work themselves. No one likes stripping at home alone. It takes too long to remove the finish and takes even longer to prepare the item for paint, powder coat or Cerakote. Our Greensolv setup is regularly used to strip wheels, intake manifolds, turbo housings, small production parts, tumblers, metal art and more. If it has a coating on it, chances are we might be able to help you strip it. Remember that getting a quality finish requires precise surface preparation. Next time you are looking for a good stripper; think ETCHUS – we can get it off for you!