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October 30, — Case study

How to strip 200 wheels in 12 hours

Stripping coatings is often the bottleneck in the production process of wheel refinishers. The more wheels you strip, the more set back you must face in your work. Thus, it could lead to production delays and loss of revenues.

The Greensolv stripping systems are all about removing that bottle neck in your production flow, allowing you to strip more wheels and grow your business!

The largest wheel refinisher in Eastern Canada.

P. Jacques, in the Montreal area, Canada, is a well established and well-known wheel refinisher since 1990.  They now repair and paint between 150 to 200 wheels per day.  Around 80% of all wheels are chemically strip to bare metal with WheelStripTM, which guarantees the highest finished product quality while making the whole process reliable, predictable and low using cost. All stripped wheels (except polished wheels) are then lightly sandblasted for 2 to 3 minutes to improve powder coating adhesion.  

For over 10 years, they have been stripping up to 200 wheels within 12 hours using a top of the line complete stripping system.  It is composed of multiple stripping tanks, a heated chemical solution (WheelStripTM), optimal loading and unloading racking and an elaborate optimal procedure. They spend no more than 4 to 5 minutes of labor to rinse and sandblast each wheel.  Employees’ time is then better used to repair, straighten, fix, and paint more and more wheels every day.  Indeed, the system that keeps P. Jacques saving labor everyday!

An Impressive improvement

Mr. Pierre Jacques, owner of the company, says that implementing this system eliminated the set backs experienced from the previous methods he used to work with. He tripled his production and refinishing capacity from 60 to 200 wheels while considerably reducing the cost of operation and labor to a minimum for his stripping process. It also made his team provide a much faster turnaround time for his loyal long-time as well as new customers. An impressive improvement that he is very proud of! 

Think about how long it would take to strip the coating off these wheels manually. You would definitely need more than just one person to get through these 200 wheels…