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1. Industry

2. Stripping volume (daily)

3. Yearly savings*

  • Other chemicals

    $14 167

  • Sandblasting

    $83 750

  • Singeing / Torching

    $8 467

* based on 250 working days per year. Numbers include labor at $20/hour, capital investment, chemicals, gas, sand and/ or electricity consumption.

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October 22, — News

New and improved formulations

As providing our valuable customers with peak efficiency at all time is a priority for Greensolv, we are proud to present you our new and improved series of formulations for our paint stripping solutions (AlumiStripTM, WheelStrip TM, and SteelStripTM.)

15% Increased Efficiency

Predictably and consistently strip paint (powder coat, e-coat, wet paint) off aluminum, steel, stainless steel, magnesium alloys and copper substrates 15% faster than with the previous formulations. 3 years of solid R&D data to help our customers strip any coated parts to bare metal, which is the key to optimal surface preparation hence, the best quality!

Same price, better and stronger

Make money with your reworks at a faster rate and strip more parts with the same investment.

Our goal is simple, we want to you to be Achieving More With Less!!!

Your Greensolv Team