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September 9, — Advices

Our resource optimization philosophy adds value for our customers!

Achieving more with less motivates our research and development team to continually innovate with the goal of reducing our products’ environmental impact. Our continuous innovation ensures our customers can meet their quality standards while optimizing profits.

Keep stripping waste to a minimum

When companies start to lose the efficiency of their stripping solution, the norm is to replace it with new chemical and dispose of the old chemical. The Greensolv Efficiency Program provides extensive chemical and technical monitoring of our customers’ stripping solution which reduces the quantity of chemical used by at least 50%.

Our method is simple:

  • Two to four times a year, we take a sample of our customers’ stripping solution
  • We analyze it in our state-of-the-art laboratory by conducting various tests.
  • We send a report with the laboratory results to our customers and provide recommendations for optimizing the efficiency of their stripping solution.

When customers apply our recommendations, they can bring the stripping chemicals’ efficiency back up to 90% of its initial strength and maintain consistent stripping performance. The increase in efficiency results in lower usage of chemicals and the amount of industrial waste produced which saves time and money for our customers and decreases the environmental impact of their business.

Personalized technical support

We offer our customers personalized technical support to help them choose a stripping system that is perfectly suited to their needs. Our goal is to give our customers realistic recommendations based on their specific needs and help them avoid picking unnecessary and expensive equipment.

We encourage and support them in adopting eco-friendly practices with the benefit of reducing their chemical consumption.

It is important for us to always be honest with our customers because our goal is to establish long-term relationships with them. We hope to inspire them to reduce their chemical consumption by making them aware of eco-friendly practices they can adopt by using our stripping systems.