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September 19, — Advices

The right stripper for the right application.

Having to choose through a wide variety of paint stripping products can sometimes be difficult. You always wonder: Which paint stripper should I be using for the job I have to do? Of course, there are several options depending on the substrate as well as on the coating that needs to be removed.  


Steel for example (as well as stainless steel) is a substrate that can stand strong alkaline conditions. On the other hand, it reacts aggressively and can be severely damaged when exposed to an acid medium (hydrochloric, formic or glycolic acid for instance). Therefore, optimal results are obtained with the use of an alkaline stripper (STEELSTRIP). These substrates will be stripped within a 2-hour cycle on single and dual-layer coating systems. (Epoxy, acrylic, polyurethane, polyesters)


This substrate is more sensitive than steel and needs to be treated with more care. The use of a solvent base paint stripping solution is appropriate in this case. Older technologies use acidic formulations that can damage the aluminum when overexposed. A diversity of blends is available on the market. The use of a hot and mild alkaline stripper (ALUMISTRIP) is currently what works best to get your rework parts to bare metal. You should expect from 15 – 90 minutes for complete stripping.


These substrates are by far the most delicate ones to work with! They need to be treated with a lot more finesse to obtain desired results (no corrosion, no stock loss). In this case, the use of a hot neutral paint stripping solution (AEROSTRIP) that complies with the right specifications’ approval (ASTM, Mil specs, Aerospace specs) is what is recommended. It will allow you to recuperate profits from reworks and make money with them!


An immersion stripping process allows you to strip many coated parts at once as opposed to a direct application which can only strip one part at a time. Eliminate the use of “elbow grease” with an efficient immersion process and let it do the work for you! Direct application suits for removing the coating from very long parts that would be very difficult to process through an immersion process.

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