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1. Industry

2. Stripping volume (daily)

3. Yearly savings*

  • Other chemicals

    $14 167

  • Sandblasting

    $83 750

  • Singeing / Torching

    $8 467

* based on 250 working days per year. Numbers include labor at $20/hour, capital investment, chemicals, gas, sand and/ or electricity consumption.

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A proven system with worldwide success

Reduce production losses and increase profitability

  • Starting at $ 0.40 per square foot
  • Continuous maximum efficiency
  • Significant labor reduction
  • Complete stripping system: chemical strippers, tanks and equipment and laboratory monitoring
  • Maximum efficiency on all types of coatings (E/Coat, Polyurethane, Polyester)
  • Allows you to easily recover parts
  • Autonomous stripping system
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Autonomous stripping system

Greensolv can help reduce your labor costs by more than 50%. Let the system work for you.

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The world most profitable
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The Greensolv system allows you to strip powder-coated metal parts effortlessly and with the finest quality.
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Martin, P.Eng. & Pierre, Owner.


The Greensolv difference

Gabriel, JR P.Eng. & Stephane, P.Eng.


System and tanks

André, sup. & Kartik, Co-Owner.

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