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  • General informationsHow to strip aluminum wheels?

    1. Remove the wheel from the car
    2. Remove the tire from the aluminum wheel
    3. Remove weights and stem valves
    4. Immerse the aluminum wheel in a heated paint stripper
    5. Remove the aluminum wheel from the heated paint stripper once it is stripped
    6. Rinse with water
    7. Depending on the desired final quality of the new coating, you may want to lightly sandblast the aluminum wheel to give it a surface profile and remove the corrosion.
  • Greensolv systemsWhat are the normal strip times for wheels?

    Polished wheels will strip in about 30 minutes, American wheels will strip in about 75-90 minutes, European wheels will strip in 90-120 minutes and Japanese/ Korean wheels will strip in 60 to 120 minutes.

  • Greensolv systemsDoes Greensolv offer financing options?

    Yes, with a 40% down payment, the balance can be paid in 6 equal monthly consecutive payments for up to 6 months. We also have a 36-month Pay-Per-Wheel installment contract that is very interesting. Ask us about it!!!

  • Greensolv systemsDoes the solution need to be heated?

    Yes, our solution works best at 185⁰F/ 85⁰C but will strip at lower temperatures as well (min. 140⁰F/ 60⁰C).

  • Greensolv systemsWill I be safe from chemical burns using the solution?

    Yes, our solution uses safe chemicals that will not give you chemical burns.

  • Greensolv systemsDoes the system require ventilation?

    Yes, the solution produces vapors and fumes so ventilation is necessary. Even if Greensolv is greener than anything else, it is a chemical and should therefore be ventilated to ensure a clean and safe working environment.

  • Greensolv systemsWill I ever need to replace the stripping solution in my tank?

    No. With our efficiency program (GEP), we will make sure that your stripping solution is good forever as long as you clean the tank periodically. We collect a sample from your tank at least twice a year and analyze it in our lab to ensure maximum efficiency of your tank. You will get a lab report each time.

  • Greensolv systemsWhat kind of maintenance is required when using a Greensolv system?

    Maintenance is minimal, the only task needed is to clean the paint sludge from the bottom of the tank every 3-4 months on average. A clean tank is an efficient tank!

  • Greensolv systemsWill the stripping solution strip paint down to bare metal?

    Yes, our solution will remove almost any coating down to bare metal

  • Greensolv systemsWhat are the power requirements for the strip tanks?

    The tanks run on 208V-240V, single phase power; depending on the tank size, required amperage will vary between 20 and 50 amp.

  • Greensolv systemsHow much labor is involved when stripping with Greensolv?

    Very minimal. We estimate the average labor involved in stripping a wheel to be between around 4 to 5 minutes. Insert wheels on the racks and mechanically lower wheels into the tank. When stripping is complete, lift racks up and move to the rinse station. Rinse the excess stripper off parts and wheels with water.

  • Greensolv systemsCan I leave alloy wheels in the solution overnight?

    Yes, there are no adverse effects when leaving wheels or parts in the solution overnight. It is recommended to immerse wheels that are difficult to strip the night before.