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Achieving more with less

Founded in 2002 in Montreal, Canada, by Daniel Pageau, Greensolv has built its reputation on innovative metal paint stripper systems and industrial cleaners, the result of years of research and development. These efforts are reflected today in the undisputed leadership of its industry.

The first Greensolv product was a gel paint remover, custom-developed for a Japanese client.

Our core purpose is to do more with less by continuously re-using chemicals. We aim to offer a closed metal paint stripper system with minimal environmental impact while offering maximum efficiency and productivity.


From the United States to Japan, to Canada, companies all over the world trust Greensolv. Founded and managed by seasoned engineers and chemists, Greensolv helps companies grow by offering superior quality systems and personalized, ongoing support.
André, production


  • Protect our environment

  • Be a valuable partner

  • Promote excellence

  • Always innovate

  • Generate wealth for employees, customers and community


For over 10 years, we've been using Greensolv systems to strip 150 wheels or more per day. Greensolv is committed to working for us to reduce our consumption of their own product! They're concerned about our needs and our reality. Greensolv is by far the best of our suppliers.

P. Jacques, president and owner - Wheel repair


"Best decision ever!!! Switching to Greensolv gave us exactly what we were looking for.

With our 2 tanks, we are safely stripping 24 wheels at a time. It’s so easy!!!"

Scott Alexandrowicz --- V.P. Operations

‘’The best paint stripping system! It works every time.

It strips to bare metal with minimum labor.’’

Thomas Esposito – Owner

‘’For over 10 years, we’ve been using Greensolv systems to strip 150 wheels or more per day.

They're concerned about our needs and our reality.’’

Pierre Jacques – Owner

"Our first tank allowed us to strip more parts with minimal labor and grow our business.

With the cost savings and downtime of our employees it made sense for us to purchase a second tank."

A.J. Eggert, owner

"A real Game Changer! We started with a 4-wheel tank and then added a 6-wheel tank

to respond to increasing demand and increase productivity! Greensolv is fantastic!"

Darren Nordell, owner


How do we strip wheels

in 2 hours?

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The world's most efficient
and profitable paint stripping systems

Profitability - Quality - Safety – Environment
The Greensolv difference

Our priority,
your peace of mind

Martin Pageau

President, Engineer
United States - East Coast

André Bélair

Regional Sales Manager
United States - MidWest and Texas
Europe and Australia

Matthew Green

Regional Sales Manager
United States – East Coast and MidWest